Windows 11: How to Download Microsoft’s Latest OS

Unfortunately, many of us ignore the windows when we wash. Rinse as needed, making sure to squeeze the water out before returning to the glass. GG4 provides all the benefits as GG3, but Titan Glass Gleam 4 is designed to work well with hard water. It was also a good comparison for us to see just how well Rain X did work compared to the windows that didn’t have it.

  • This final step will help prevent unsightly water spots that quickly cause panes to appear dull, dingy and dirty, so you can throw open the curtains and let in the sunshine.
  • As a time-limited promotion, Microsoft stated that this upgrade would be free on the Surface Laptop until March 31, 2018.
  • Check your device’s manual for more details as these instructions may vary with the version of Windows phone or tablet you have.
  • For details, seeMicrosoft’s Security Update Guide and the October 2021 Security Update notes.

Tracks were cleaned with toothbrushes or the wood brush depending on the size. The important thing to remember when weilding a squeegee is don’t lift it off the window while you’re cleaning. It seems odd at first, but if done right it will not leave any streaks and only take seconds to complete a huge window after you get the hang of it. First, make sure you have all the necessary supplies to clean windows. For cleaning windows, you’ll need plenty of cloths, rags, or paper towels.


Pella products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business. Learn how to properly clean every part of your windows and keep them looking great for years to come. Discover the fundamentals you need to know when shopping for new windows, starting with the basics. All you have to do is get a narrow brush or cloth and wipe it out. Apply the paste to the affected area with a clean cloth and give it a good rub.

Since you already know how to download the Widows 11 ISO, we will select the first option, to create a bootable USB drive. As long as your computer or laptop meets the minimum requirements, you’ll be able to update to Windows 11 the same way you usually update to new versions of Windows 10. Many users want to make a bootable USB drive for Windows 11, and this process requires an ISO file and third-party tools. Some Windows 11 users may wish to give one or more of these apps a look, but for most users these icons just increase the clutter on your Start Menu. You can remove them by right-clicking the icon in question and selecting Uninstall from the context menu. The first annoying thing I noticed when Windows 11 booted up was a large promotional screen asking me to sign up for a Game Pass using the Xbox app.

How To Screenshot on an Asus Laptop Using PrtSc

The more often you clean your windows, the easier they are to clean; clearly a win-win solution! Next, you can take a look at cleaning those window tracks. When using microfiber cleaning cloths, either dip the cloth in the solution and wring it out or spray the glass surface. Begin to wipe in a circular motion and as the spots disappear, follow-up with vertical strokes and finish with horizontal strokes . Use your fingertips/fingernails for extra scrubbing power or scrunch up the cloth on stubborn spots. To clean insect screens, remove them from the window.

How to Clean Outside Windows (different ways)

If you are already a member, then you’d already have this build or, if you’re in the beta or dev channels, you’d have an even newer one. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office offers everything you need to safeguard your Windows 10 / Windows 11 PC from today’s threats — from disk failures to ransomware attacks. Thanks to its unique integration of backup and cybersecurity in one solution, you can save time and reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of managing multiple solutions. It is also recommended to remove any installed languages you’re not using, which can free up additional space. When the tool opens, you will see your computer’s configuration on the left and an “Introducing Windows 11” banner on top. Click on the blue “Check Now” button tool to verify your PC’s compatibility with Windows 11.

Microsoft’s new Windows 11 operating system is a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 users. This means that Windows 10 PCs that meet the minimum hardware requirements set for Windows 11 can upgrade to Windows 11 for no additional fee. Unfortunately, for most potential WIndows 11 users at this moment, the required upgrades are more complex and more expensive than installing new RAM or connecting an external hard drive. The good news is that you may not have to buy and install an entirely new motherboard. You need one with a Trusted Platform Module chip that supports TPM 2.0. If you purchased your computer after July 28, 2016, it probably has a compatible TPM chip.

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